Pet bird found 80 miles from home

CARPINTERIA Jamie McLeod from the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary thinks the bird they found is Danny Boy, a macaw from Carpinteria.

"Certainly the color is not quite the same it is much paler. If he was out in the wild and not fed an appropriate diet then that color could fade out," said McLeod.

The bird flew away on December 6th, 2006, leaving the owners heartbroken. They searched for him, but eventually moved to Denver.

The macaw was found flying free March 12 in Pasadena and was taken to the Pasadena Humane Society.

Danny Boy's owners posted a missing notice on a lost-and-found website for birds,

The site ultimately connected the dots between the macaw at the sanctuary and Danny Boy.

"I had known Danny because he use to board at our facility. We knew him for years. In our database I had phone numbers and home addresses," said McLeod.

But the Humane Society had to determine if the macaw was in fact Danny Boy. They called the presumed owners and had them talk on the phone to the macaw.

The bird immediately started to show some life and reacted to their voices.

The couple said that Danny Boy knew how to wave. The evidence wasn't quite enough for the shelter's president. He explained this to the Denver couple over the phone.

"We're not convinced that this is your bird yet. That is the issue," said Steve McNall, Pasadena Humane Society.

So for now the macaw will stay at the Pasadena Humane Society.

"We are just going to hold him through Friday to go through the legitimate stray period for exotics," said McNall.


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