Critical need for organ donation in U.S.

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LOS ANGELES As you can imagine, it's a topic that has become very important to me since I donated one of my kidneys to my friend Dale Davis. It really is amazing to think that almost a half a million people have had a transplant of some kind and are walking among us. Modern medicine is really amazing.

I would also like to again thank those who have e-mailed, called or taken time to write me a note wishing the best through this journey. But I also want to say again, there are tens of thousands of people among us who have done the very same thing. We really do live among wonderful, giving people and I'm proud to join a group of organ and tissue donors who didn't do this because they wanted fame or a pat on the back. They became an organ donors because they could, and they knew someone else could live a better life because of it.

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We've provided several links here to hospitals and organizations that are helping hundreds of thousands of people.

To register in California as an organ donor, visit Donate Life America (


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