Magician and tennis star depart 'Dancing'

LOS ANGELES "I think everything went perfect. I mean, I think it would have been heartbreaking if someone who'd done a better job had lost, wouldn't it?" asked Penn Jillette.

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Penn Jillette may have lost "Dancing With the Stars," but he also lost more than 50 pounds training for it, which is a big win.

"He made me laugh all the time and he brought his personality to the dance," said Jillette's partner, Kym Johnson. "I'm just upset that we are gone now because there was so much more we could have done."

Also out of the race: tennis ace Monica Seles.

"And I got to see her transform from this power tennis player into this delicate romantic -- that was last week -- woman, and then this week was Vegas show girl," said Seles's partner, Jonathan Roberts. "But she astonished me and I can't believe how far you came and I'm really proud of you."

Because of "Dancing," Seles got offers to pose provocatively in print publications she won't name.

"I'm going back to my regular life working with pre-schoolers and all that stuff which I love," said Seles.

"The magazines have already started to call," said Roberts.

And now, those who remain start all over again.

"We can't relax," said Fabian Sanchez. "As a matter of fact, to us, it starts tomorrow. And tomorrow is really the real test because we've been rehearsing for a month and a half, you know, for these dances. Now we have three to four days."

They all do. But Shannon Elizabeth may be getting a little extra support.

"This is my little girl, Winnie," said Shannon Elizabeth of her dog. "I rescued her when I was working up in Canada. And she's the love of my life. She travels with me everywhere."

And this week, someone travelled to be by the side of Broadway star Marissa Jaret Winokur: her mom.

"I think she's wonderful, absolutely wonderful," said Maxine Winokur, Marissa's mother. "I was so proud of her tonight. Oh my gosh, the two of them are -- what a couple!"

Next week, the remaining 10 couples will dance either the tango or the jive.

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