'Miss Bimbo' Web site stirs up controversy

LONDON Critics object to the Web site's name and message. It's called "Miss Bimbo", and allows participants to dress their online character, keep her waif thin - with diet pills if necessary - and encourage the character to find a rich boyfriend to look after her.

The creator is French, and says the Web site caused no problems in France.

"They try to be the funniest bimbo," said Nicholas Jacquart.

But in Britain, feminists have a different take.

"It tells you that cereal bars make you fat. These are messages we should not be giving to young children," said Dr. Dee Dawson.

The creator admits he would not want anyone calling his sister a bimbo, but contends the Web site is just fun.

As you could expect, the controversy has generated significant traffic for the site.


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