Neighbors discover murdered man in alley

STANTON The body was discovered by neighbors around midnight Wednesday night. It was found wrapped in a sheet and had major injuries to his head caused by a blunt instrument.

Authorities questioned a potential suspect who lives at the home on Sycamore Avenue right in front of the alley where the body was found, and police believe the victim lived at the home as well.

"There was a blood trail leading to a residence. Currently a search warrant is being executed. We do have two possible blunt force instruments that may have been used in the homicide. At this state of the investigation, I cannot reveal what the possible murder weapons were," said Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff's Department

Just behind the home, investigators have placed markers to document a trail of blood on the pavement. The woman who called 911, identified only as Beverly, talked to Eyewitness News about a discovery she described as just too scary.

"The body in the alley, it was something that I wish I would have never seen because I couldn't sleep," Beverly said. "Every time I closed my eyes, I just saw the body and how it looked."

The victim's name has not yet been released, and the motive for the killing was not clear.

Across the street from the house, a blanket was found with what appeared to be a dark substance, which could possibly be blood. Authorities were trying to determine if it was connected to the murder.


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