Kids counselor accused of molestation

FULLERTON "He was a counselor at Florence Crittenton Home, which is a home for children who have been placed here either because their parents have been deported or for some other reason they need to be taken care of by the government," said Mark Sacks, Deputy D.A.

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Authorities allege the 26-year-old counselor sexually assaulted the boys in his office while the children were talking on the phone with their parents in Central or South America.

"They would be in contact with him on multiple occasions. When they needed to make telephone calls to family members, living in foreign countries, they would go through him to make those phone calls," said Sacks.

Prosecutors say the alleged victims were between 15 and 16-years-old. In February one of the boys came forward and the other five soon followed.

Prosecutors say the children were reluctant to say anything right away because Salazar was in a position of authority.

Officials say Salazar worked at the home for the past two years. The alleged offenses began last May up until a couple of months ago.

If convicted, Salazar could face a maximum of ten years in prison.

"We take it as a very serious case of child molestation. We will certainly be prosecuting it fully," added Sacks.

Salazar is free after posting $100,000 bail. A hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, April 3.


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