'Big Give' final four gets the ultimate task

LOS ANGELES Oprah Winfrey's remaining contestants have been given a poignant mission on this week's edition of "The Big Give."

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"The whole idea is that they're helping people to fulfill last wishes. It's like the Make-A-Wish Foundation becomes 'The Big Give' for this particular week. It is down to final four: Steven the contractor from New York, Brandy the pageant queen from Arizona, Cameron the young dot com millionaire from Virginia and Rachel who is the singer from Los Angeles. They are the final four. One of them is going to get eliminated this week in New York City," said Winfrey.

The big givers get some big help after Oprah calls on a few friends, including Gayle King. Who then keeps the chain going by calling on another friend for support.

"My best friend Gayle, Jada Pinkett Smith, Donald Trump, Natalie Cole are all participants in this weeks episode," said Winfrey. " 'The Big Give' keeps on getting bigger, bigger and bigger."

Oprah says the spirit of giving is something she's known since she was a child. And it was one of her own favorite shows that served as the inspiration for 'The Big Give.'

"The way it happened is I was tired of doing favorite things. Problem not solution.. Why don't we teach people the feeling you get from giving things yourself. Then why don't we turn it into a weekly show. The idea was to let people see the feeling of giving. That's who gets the most, the giver," explains Oprah.

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