Jury shown video at Black Widows trial

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES Prosecutors ended their 30-minute presentation to the jury Monday with a videotape of the defendants, Olga Rutterschmidt and Helen Golay, talking inside a jail holding cell.

The women are accused of taking out large insurance policies on the men, and killing them in staged hit-and-run accidents.

"Listen to me, why did you make all these (expletive) extra insurances?" Rutterschmidt said in the video.

"You're shutting your ... ," Golay said.

"Karp told me that it (expletive) up the case. Too many you had, there is a limit. You can't do that many," Rutterschmidt said.

"I know that. I know that," Golay said

The DA's Office believes the tape is one of the strongest pieces of evidence in the case, but Defense Attorney Roger Jon Diamond says it proves nothing.

"I don't think it'll have any effect because it just shows the two ladies talking with each other after they were arrested. They do not acknowledge guilt in respect to the murder charges," Diamond said.

Diamond, who represents Golay in the case, told jurors during his opening statements that his client's 40-year-old daughter is the person who ran over one victim. Golay's daughter is not charged in the case.


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