More AA flights canceled for inspection

LAX A lot of passengers were unhappy at LAX after discovering that 14 American Airline departing flights Tuesday and 14 arriving flights were canceled because the airline is conducting more safety inspections on their MD-80 aircrafts.

The airline did the same thing last month, canceling over 400 flights nationwide in one day, and this time, up to 500 flights will be canceled across the country on Tuesday, and more cancellations are on the way Wednesday.

The airline said wiring bundles needed to be inspected in the aircrafts to be in compliance with the FAA, not because the planes are unsafe.

"We were supposed to fly out at 6:20 .. for training in St. Louis, but I don't know, flights canceled. Sucks," said Nate Ball, a traveler.

"We were just going up to San Francisco for a vacation, that's all. We're here from Ireland, over for a few days. That's very disappointing, but what can you do," said Patrick Forde, another traveler.

The airline said they are trying to help passengers fly out on another flight, and if that's not possible, they said they are offering passengers money for food and hotels.

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