L.A. proposal targets illegal ads

WEST LOS ANGELES Specifically, they're targeting multi-story "supergraphic" signs, saying they create visual blight.

City officials say there's a moratorium on new billboards in Los Angeles. That moratorium has been in effect for quite awhile, but advertising companies have found a way to get around it.

L.A. Councilman Jack Weiss said laws punishing those who place multi-story signs on buildings and communities and along freeways have done little to stop the illegal advertisement.

Weiss spearheaded a news conference Thursday in West Los Angeles, where he announced a new measure imposing a $2,500 a day fine on property owners and sign companies that benefit from the illegal advertisement.

"This isn't a billboard. This is a monster sign. It's technically called a "supergraphic" under the law. It's super because it can leap and cover a tall building in a single bound, and it's absolutely flat out against the law, and I want to find these guys so they don't put these up anymore in the city," Weiss said.

Some residents say the advertisements are hideous in the neighborhoods.

"We've had a different one since July of last year, and my son was really terrified of the first one they put up. I just think it's really huge. It's a blatant disregard for the community," said local resident Deborah Larcom.

"Those signs are illegal, and they've had signs up there that were pretty scary to our 3-and-a-half-year-old boy who had dreams about that sign and talk to us about that, and no telling what they're going to put up there next," said another local man.

Weiss said there are dozens of them throughout L.A., and they must come down, adding that he has every confidence the proposal will be passed when it comes before the Council.


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