Kobe jumps over racing Aston Martin

The video is meant to promote Nike's new line of sneakers. It features a spectacular and potentially dangerous jump by the Lakers superstar.

In the video, Kobe and his teammate Ronney Turiaf look to be on the roof of a high-rise, somewhere in downtown L.A.

After touting the virtues of Nike's new high-tops, Kobe squares up, and in one fluid motion, the NBA superstar skies over an Aston Martin convertible driven straight at him.

The marketing campaign has created a sensation on the Internet, but others are concerned it could inspire copycats.

"My fear is that there's going to be people attempting to do what a professional is doing," said John Balian of the Glendale Police Department.

He said he is concerned kids might try to recreate the dangerous stunt.

"You can't compete with a professional," Balian said.

But the debate now isn't only over whether the jump is real, but whether it might inspire amateurs to do the same.

A Nike spokesman said in a telephone interview that Kobe was never in harm's way. The jump is real, but everything else is special effects.

In a written statement issued Friday, the company said, "Nike does not encourage consumers to reenact those campaigns that are precision engineered and carefully performed by experienced professionals."

Nike goes on to say that one of their goals is to ensure the safety of the athletes participating in their marketing efforts.

The Kobe video is only meant for the Internet, and Nike said they will not broadcast the commercial.


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