Put your kitchen on a diet and see results

The obvious first move is to get fattening snacks, like chips and cookies, off the counter and out of sight.

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ShopSmart's Sue Perry says your next move, rearrange the food in your cupboards.

"You want to move the healthy stuff to the front and the fattening stuff to the back," said Perry.

Next stop? Your refrigerator.

"Crisper drawers are great for keeping fruits and veggies fresher a little longer, but you can't always see the foods that are in there. So you want to take that healthy stuff and move it to where you can see it," says Perry.

And put fresh fruit out on the counter in plain sight. As for that crisper drawer, use it to tuck more fattening foods out of sight.

"You want to apply the same idea to leftovers. Use foil or containers that you can't see-through for the fattening stuff. And then see through bags and containers for the healthy things," says Perry.

You'll also want to trim down your freezer, too.

"Rather than freeze big portions of food, like a whole pan of lasagna, freeze food in individual portions like a piece of chicken. It's ready to cook when you are, but you're not forced to cook a whole lot of it," says Perry.

When it's time to eat, scale back there too, using smaller dishes. They encourage smaller portions.

And forget serving food family style. Only the salad bowl should be welcome at the dinner table.

In addition, pay attention to your plate and focus on your food and little else, no television, no magazines, or radio.

If you are buying in bulk or mega quantities, store those big bags out of sight. Get some sandwich bags and portion snack from the oversized bags or you'll likely eat far more than you need.

Remember also, that it takes the body about 20 minutes to signal fullness. So when eating a meal, try to chew well and eat slowly so you'll enjoy the food more, but eat less of it.


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