Body noises deliver crucial information

GLENDALE Some of these common sounds might be your body trying to tell you something, and you need to be listening.

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In the movies, burping is always good for a laugh. And anything associated with gas seems humorous. But there are times when these sounds might be your body trying to tell you something.

"Now that I'm more gassy, obviously it's more embarrassing," said Jessica Gonzales.

Five months pregnant, 22-year-old Jessica Gonzales is experiencing a lot of gurgling, bone cracking and stomach growling.

"Sometimes I don't feel hungry and my stomach growls," said Gonzales.

"Pregnancy and menstrual period will have related times where you have all the stomach contents being pushed up," said Dr. David S. Han, Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

While growling and gurgling are common sounds of digestion, doctors say get it checked out if you're feeling a sore throat or any discomfort or pain.

"I'm experiencing heartburn, I feel like there's pressure up here, up in my chest," said Gonzales.

As for popping jaws, cracking elbows, knees or ankles it could be:

"We have synovial fluid, normal protective fluid in our joints, and sometimes there could be an air bubble," said Dr. Han.

Or it could be your body telling you you're stressed out. Experts say stress hormones cause joints to tighten and crack more.

And while many of us snore, it's the silence between snores that might be worrisome.

"A lot of times you'll be waking up in the middle of the night without knowing what caused sleepiness during the daytime, which may in turn cause some accidents," said Dr. Han.

Constant sniffling and snorting means you're congested. Try a saline nose flush to clear excess mucous. See a doctor if yellow or green drainage is involved.

Jessica Gonzales says all the new sounds her body is making must be a message. So she's paying close attention.

"I'm going to definitely ask about it because I've been feeling it more lately," said Gonzales. -- Body Noise: What It Means, What to Do

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