'Fixing the fix': Plastic surgery do-overs

A nip or tuck too many. When it comes to plastic surgery, have some people gone too far?

Google "bad plastic surgery" and dozens of Web sites pop up that focus on faces that look frozen and noses that look unnatural.

But for most people, plastic surgery isn't so drastic.

That's why Georgette DeAndressi didn't think it would be too risky to fix the imperfections of her natural nose.

"I was hoping that it would look pretty much the same with all the irregularities taken out of it. But, I didn't want it to look done," she said.

But after going under the knife, Georgette was even more unhappy.

"It became too small and it looked whittled away. It didn't look normal," Georgette said.

When the result is not what the patient expects it can lead to severe anxiety, embarrassment, and withdrawal.

"There were times when I did not want to go out and I did not like my picture taken. I just felt depressed," Georgette said.

Georgette decided she had to get her nose job re-done.

According to the American Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, up to 25 percent of rhinoplasties do not produce good results.

Patient dissatisfaction is spawning a growing specialty called Revision Plastic Surgery.

"Noses are unquestionably the most difficult and technical in plastic surgery," cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotler said. "It should be done by someone very highly focused on noses. What we call a superspecialist."

Dr. Kotler says he's done at least 4,000 nose jobs. And over the years, he's encountered patients who just can't seem to be satisfied despite having a number of revisions. That's when a good surgeon will just say no.

Dr. Kotler's advice: Find a superspecialist to begin with. Find out the top five procedures that surgeon performs, and always seek patient referrals.

"You need to look for somebody who is very focused and has a lot of experience, not just someone who has done hundreds. I like to find people who have done thousands," Dr. Kotler said.

Since Georgette's last surgery, she's grateful the results are finally right on the nose.

"Words cannot express how I feel," Georgette said. "I'm absolutely thrilled."


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