Working off high-calorie food favorites

If you knew how long it would take you to burn off that bagel or cookie, you might think twice about noshing.

Based on a 150 pound person, here are some of our favorite foods and the time it takes to fire off their calories.

A slice of Sbarros pan cheese pizza is 650 calories, which takes an hour and ten minutes of tennis to slice, serve and shuffle off.

A 20-ounce mocha with whipped cream is 400 calories, which will have you in the pool doing laps for 40 minutes.

A typical restaurant bagel with cream cheese is 500 calories. Are you up for a little ballroom dancing? You'll need to cha cha cha for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

A bakery blueberry muffin offers 450 calories. You'll need to jog a full hour to torch off that breakfast treat.

A couple pieces of gourmet chocolate calorically cost 200 calories, which you can pedal off in about 20 minutes.

Is cheesecake worth the workout? At 700 calories, you'll be power walking for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Finally, a tablespoon of oil, easily added to salad dressing or the skillet for dinner prep, offers 120 calories in a little spoon, which will have you walking the dog for 40 minutes.


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