Olympic medalist drugged at O.C. hotel

DANA POINT Oksana Grishuk spotted a strange substance in her drink at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and Spa 10 days ago. Investigators confirm the substance was GHB, a so-called "date rape" drug.

The mystery is: How did that drug get in her drink? The ice skater told investigators that she never left the table, never left her drink alone. The test results came back and they confirm that GHB was found in two of her drinks.

Oksana "Pasha" Grishuk, a former Olympic skater, was the only ice dancer in sport history to win Olympic gold twice. The 36-year-old was working with investigators to find out who drugged her using GHB, a common date-rape drug.

Authorities say Grishuk was dining at the upscale St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point. Sources say Grishuk was with a man in his 60s for a business meeting.

"They were in the lounge area, they had a drink, they moved over to the restaurant area of the hotel, she ordered a glass of wine," said Jim Amormino, Orange County Sheriff's Dept. spokesman.

Inside the Stonehill Tavern, the two dined. Hotel officials say the restaurant was busy with 80 to 100 people that Saturday, April 12.

"They did finish dinner and then she was just finishing her glass of wine, and that's when she informed management," said Kristi Turek, spokesperson for St. Regis Monarch Beach.

"She began to feel ill, very strange, she stated. She drank a sip of her wine when she noticed a partially dissolved pill at the bottom of her wine glass," said Amormino.

Authorities say while Grishuk was taken to the hospital, deputies retrieved the pill from the wine glass. They also found residue in the first beverage she had back in the lounge.

"The residue as well as the partially dissolved pill were sent to our crime lab and today came back positive for the date-rape drug GHB," said Amormino. "There was not only one attempt, but two attempts to place GHB in two of her drinks."

Officials say GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) can cause breathing problems, loss of consciousness, even death.

"We're most certain that none of our employees are suspects at this time," said Turek. "Not that I'm accusing anybody by any means, but she was at the lobby lounge having one beverage, and then in a completely different locale at Stonehill Tavern having a second beverage. Two separate locations, totally different staff in each of those locations."

Turek said this was the first time anything like this has happened at the resort.

What happened to the man Grishuk was dining with? The hotel staff says that when she was being loaded into the ambulance, he left. No one knows exactly what they were meeting about. Authorities said so far they had no suspects.


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