'Grey's' Chandra Wilson gets personal

HOLLYWOOD "Dr. Bailey's situation is still up in the air. As of, she's a 'dot, dot, dot' right now," explains Chandra Wilson.

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So Chandra Wilson's not giving up much about her character, but she is saying you can expect some resolution involving the show's two main characters, Dr. Meredith Gray and Derek Shephard.

"I know that there is finally going to be, you know, some answers to whether they are definitely going to be together or definitely not going to be together," says Wilson.

Wilson's not giving names on the next bit of inside information, so it could be any of a number of characters on the show that she's talking about.

"There is a couple, I will say, that has found their way back to each other. I'll leave it there. There is a couple. So everything isn't about doom and gloom and breaking up and going away at "Grey's Anatomy." We have a little staying power," says Wilson.

"We didn't just have to end in this weird place that wasn't necessarily supposed to be the season finale. But we did get to kind of wrap up and then move forward to see where we're going to be in season five," explains Wilson.

One thing Chandra won't be seeing is comments on the "Grey's Anatomy" online message board. She's given that up.

George Pennacchio: "Tell me what your favorite item on a message board has been?"

Chandra Wilson: "I really love Dr. Bailey's character. I really believe in everything that she's about. She needs to do something about that hair, though. And then I stopped reading them, I was done."


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