Alarms that wake the deepest of sleepers

Not everyone wakes up when the alarm buzzes or the radio turns on. But here are some annoying devices that just might wake you up for good.

The Flying alarm clock's siren doesn't go off until you're forced to get out of bed.

"[It] sends a spinning helicopter blade after it sounds a claxson horn, so for all the world you'll think World War III is breaking out and the missile silos are opening up in your bedroom and you have to go find this thing flying around to use it to stick it back in the clock to turn off the alarm, it's a clever game," said Brian Cooley from CNET.

The Flying Alarm Clock sells for about $30.

Then there's Clocky, an alarm clock on wheels. Clocky wheels away and hides so you get out of bed.

"To me this is the most expensive alarm clock in the world, because it would last one day for me, so on cost per night before I find it, hunt it down and smash it down with a hammer, it's very pricey," said Cooley.

At $49.95, you may not want to hammer Clocky to pieces.

The Sonic Bomb Alarm rings off beeps of 113 decibels, but that's not the only thing that wakes you up. A circular piece attached to the clock is placed between your mattress and box spring, when the alarm goes off, it vibrates to get you out of bed.

You'll have to jolt over nearly $40 from your wallet to buy the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker.

All of these alarm clocks seemed to pass the annoying test, which may be the perfect remedy for waking you up from a deep sleep. You can find the clocks at retailers or online.

Flying Alarm Clock:

Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock:

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock With Shaker:


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