Fans flock to Coachella music festival

INDIO With the number of people who have tickets to this year's Coachella fest, the population of Indio is expected to more than triple.

People come from all over the world for the event, by car, by plane, and also by train.

The so-called "Coachella Express" is a modified Amtrak train that brought 500 passengers into town.

"It was just like a dance party the whole way coming out here," said concertgoer Alexandra Busch. "It was so fun."

"I was expecting a train ride. I was expecting a standard Amtrak, but no. They had DJs in all the cars, people were going nuts in some of these cars," said concertgoer Jeremy Volkman, who came from Denver. "It was crazy, but all in all everyone was very well behaved."

From there it was over to the Polo Grounds where the festival is held. For many, this large field will be home for the weekend.

Starting with the showers, you'll have everything you need here in "Tent City," let's call it. And if you don't have it, you can buy it at the general store, and what makes this concert go is money, and if you're short on that they've even brought in an ATM.

"It's doubled since I've been here last night," said concertgoer Paul Holland. "We woke up and there was like three times as many tents already, and there's probably going to be more."

Prince is headlining the event this year. Former Pink Floyd guitarist Roger Waters will also be here.

"It's amazing, definitely the biggest festival I've ever been to, it's huge. Pretty well organized by what I can see so far," said Nici Jenkins, visiting from Australia.

"Seen anything strange?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact ..." said Jenkins.

It's probably just as well that we don't let her finish that sentence. Let's just say it's a party this weekend -- and a massive one at that.


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