Beaches reopen after Friday shark attack

SOLANA BEACH Helicopters and boats patrolled the waters since the attack on Friday.

The shark, believed to be a great white shark, has not been spotted. Officials re-opened the beaches on Monday.

A 17 mile stretch of San Diego county coastline was re-opened 72 hours after the deadly shark attack.

But while people play in the water near Solana beach some can't help but think about what happened.

"Kind of looking for a shark, yeah. Not like close to us, but kind of. We are just kind of weary of it," said Valerie Escateo, a beach visitor.

The caution comes after a 66-year-old triathlete and retired veterinarian, Dr. David Martin was killed by what experts believe was a great white shark.

He was bitten across both legs and he bled to death less than an hour later.

"He died doing what he liked. He was surrounded by friends in a place he loved. As a Christian family we believe our dad is in heaven," said Jeff Martin, the victim's son.

Martin was training with several others last Friday morning. They were swimming about 150 yards from shore in about 20 to 30 feet of water when a shark attacked from below.

Crews searched for the shark. Steve MacCaferri, who's trained to jump from the chopper to rescue people from the ocean, was part of the search team.

"You try not to think about it as best you can. It is kind of like if you are scared of heights you don't look down," explains MacCaferri.

Despite the attack, many still drawn to the water.

"It's hard to stay out of the water if you surf," said Mike Estrada, a beach visitor.

Even the victim's family maintains of a love of the ocean.

"I went surfing out there yesterday does that help?" said Martin.

One lifeguard said that while people are talking about the shark, it hasn't stopped many people from going to the beach, especially after such a hot sunny weekend.


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