Mountain residents campaign for road safety

RIMFOREST "There is actual physical pain in my heart and it hurts. The pain is so incredible you cannot even begin to imagine what it is like when you loose your family," said Dena Wissore.

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For mountain residents Dena Wissore and her son Wayne September 22, 2007, is a day that they will never forget. It is a day that changed their lives forever.

"I remember leaving in the morning and waking up in the hospital," explains Wayne Riley.

Wayne says he was on Highway 330 when he lost control of his vehicle in the rain and slammed into a guard rail.

An oncoming truck that they say was going way to fast crashed into them crushing the car. Wayne's wife, Suzanne, his sister, Tamara and his 15-month-old son Ziek all died in the accident. Only Wayne survived.

"Accidents are accidents and I understand that. Just a little care and foresight, defensive driving, just always be prepared. When you know you are going around a blind corner you know that something could be coming up ahead," said Wissmore.

That is the reason behind the "Safe Mountain Roads" campaign. Caltrans and the CHP are reminding people to slow down.

"We have had so many fatalities on this mountain in the last year. We've loss children and we've loss families. It is one of those things that tugs very hard at our hearts. People need to be aware to slow down," said Cheryl Nagy from the Running Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Meantime Dena and her son only have memories of their loved ones. It is an accident that they say could of been prevented, but a split second decision now leaves a life time of pain.

"The people left behind are tortured. To loose children is the worst thing that you can ever imagine," said Wissmore.

The goal of the "Safe Mountain Roads" campaign is a simple one, just slow down.


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