Locals angry to find dozens of cars shot

AZUSA Police are trying to hunt down whoever shot over 40 vehicles in neighborhoods in Azusa and neighboring Glendora.

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A lot of the car owners are wondering what they did to deserve this.

"There's no reason for it, there's no point. I mean, now I'm missing work, and it's affecting my job and my time off," said one victim.

Police are investigating the vandalism but do not have much information.

They believe a pellet gun may have been used and that a dark-colored compact vehicle was involved with at least one occupant, said Cpl. John Madaloni from the Azusa Police Department.

There doesn't appear to be any real pattern to which cars were hit. Authorities do not believe anyone was targeted.

"I can't believe it, I'm distraught, you know. I'm trying to make a living, you know, I'm retired, trying to make it live, and they're doing this stuff to me. I just hope they get whoever did it," said Azusa resident Virginia Rojas.

Owners will clean up the gas, the windows will be replace, but car owners will not sleep as soundly now knowing someone is using their cars for target practice.


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