New high-tech ads in local Metro subway

Up until now, Metro's advertising revenue was coming from ads placed on the sides of the buses or inside the train stations, bringing in about $20 million a year.

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The newest moneymaker has been installed north from Hollywood. The live action advertising shows on the way to Universal City.

"It threw me back a little bit, but once I saw the whole thing, I was like, 'that's a neat idea,'" said Metro rider Darryl Sheard.

The pilot project is two years in the making, and it's making its U.S. debut in Los Angeles. The LED system composed of 360 digital strips along 450 yards of the subway tunnel. The panels light up as the train goes by, showing a 15 second ad viewed at 70 miles per hour.

"It's operated and controlled from a remote location, so that ads can change at any time. You could be seeing one ad in the morning, a different ad in the evening," said Metro spokesman Warren Morse.

The new high-tech display will fetch $240,000 a year for Metro, and it doesn't cost the transit agency a dime.

The money goes back into Metro's electricity and staffing costs and other transit services.

An ad for Target will start airing Tuesday afternoon.

The southbound side from Universal to Hollywood and Highland will be eventually getting these screens as well, and if the demand grows, Metro could be adding more of these advertising displays on its other lines.


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