Grieving mother pleads for answers

PALMDALE The family of 13-year-old Stevona Campbell are desperate for answers in her tragic mysterious death.

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"I wish we could of been closer, but I love her and I miss her," said Joesette Brown, the victim's sister.

Homicide detectives say that a farm worker found the 13-year-old's body wrapped in a rug in a ditch beside an onion field east of Palmdale at 5:00 a.m., Monday.

Family members say the last time they saw Stevona she was with her mom on Sunday celebrating Mother's Day. Later that afternoon they say she slipped outside of the house without telling anybody she was leaving.

Pamela Brown believes her daughter left around 7:00 Sunday evening.

"I called the kids in at about 8:00 p.m. and she was gone already. She has left before and she came back at 3:00 a.m. I whipped her, but she never just stayed gone. So I knew that my child was dead. I knew it and I felt it in my heart," said Pamela Brown.

Brown believes her daughter left home to be with several boys. She says she does not know who they are, but she fears they could of had something to do with Stevona's death.

"She was comfortable with them, whoever they were, and they took advantage of my daughter," said Brown.

"The police is telling us that she was comfortable with whoever she was with . She was comfortable with them so it's got to be someone she knows," said Joesette Brown.

Detectives say that they do not have a cause of death, no witnesses and no motive.

"Anybody who knows something about this please come forward to represent my baby girl," said Pamela Brown.

An autopsy was pending to determine the cause of death, said Ed Winter, assistant chief of the coroner's office.

Anyone with more information about the case is urged to call the L.A. County Sheriff's Department at (323) 890-5500.

A car wash benefit will be held on Saturday to aid the family of Stevona Campbell.

Car Wash Benefit
Cactus Middle School
38060 20th St. E.
East Palmdale

Saturday, May 17th, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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