Does 'Bloodline' jump to conclusions?

LOS ANGELES Parts of it come off as a cloak-and-dagger mystery, complete with secret passages and ancient scrolls.

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Bruce Burgess knows that his latest film is, first and foremost, highly controversial.

"I think it is definitely true that Christians especially might find the film challenging or offensive. For me though, I think the truth is the truth, and people should embrace that and not be threatened by it," said Burgess.

The documentary "Bloodline" asserts that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, and that their wedding chalice was spirited off to the French countryside and protected by a secret society of Catholic priests.

"Realistically, there are more questions then there are answers at this stage. I have said to people that there is enough here that is real and authentic," Burgess said. "This has to be taken seriously."

In the documentary, Burgess learns of a secret burial ground for the cup of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, along with other relics. Burgess says a former Catholic priest who died more than 100 years ago left instructions as to where they could be found.

"I am asked time and time again, 'Are they actual relics from the marriage?' I would confidently say that the Catholic priest absolutely believed they were," said Burgess.

The relics at the heart of the documentary were authenticated by a biblical historian.

"I don't know when they were brought over, but the fact is these are authentic objects. They are genuine objects and they are from the time of Jesus, beyond any doubt," said archaeologist Gabriel Barkay.

Works of fiction have pondered the possibility of a married Jesus Christ. Before "The Da Vinci Code" there was "The Last Temptation of Christ," which drew harsh criticism from Catholics worldwide.

The makers of "Bloodline" say that their historic discoveries have set them apart from the others.

"What we are trying to do is spark the conversation and add to the debate. Hopefully we will be the first ones, and I think we have been, to present new evidence in this whole mystery," said producer Rene Barnett.

The film opened in New York last week and in Los Angeles on Friday.

Already, pro-Catholic bloggers have called the film a farce, and point out that Burgess' other films include documentaries on "Bigfoot" and the Bermuda Triangle.


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