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Last call for 'Dancing' finalists

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May 20, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Who's in the lead in the "Dancing with the Stars" finals? And who'll be happy no matter who wins? Jason Taylor said he wouldn't do it. Monday night, he did. Cristian de la Fuente is promising he'll be doing something Tuesday you might not expect. Both men have some serious catching up to do with the finale's number-one finisher, Kristi Yamaguchi.

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Kristi Yamaguchi and her partner, Mark Ballas, got 10-10-10 for their cha cha cha. Then they returned to the dance floor with their freestyle number, getting their second perfect score of the night.

"This routine was way out of her comfort zone with the hip-hop and, you know, I had her on her knees doing some breakdance moves, you know, it hasn't been easy," said Ballas. "We worked really hard."

"I'm just thrilled with the whole night," said Yamaguchi. "I had so much fun out there dancing with Mark and I think this freestyle, I think, was the culmination of these last 10 weeks and, you know, just thank you. Your heart and soul was in there and I join you, so it was awesome."

Cristian de la Fuente and his partner, Cheryl Burke, got a 26 for their cha cha, and came back with 26 more for their freestyle, ending the evening with 52 out of 60 from the judges.

"We wanted to make it to the finals, you know?" said de la Fuente. "It's like, that was our dream from the beginning. And then when we started being friends with Jason, we'd say, 'Oh, let's make it to the finals together.' And I can't believe that we're here together. If Jason wins, I'll be happy. If Kristi wins, I'll be happy. If we win, we'll be very, very, very happy, but still be happy. I'm definitely going to cry tomorrow. There's no way I'm not crying tomorrow."

By one point, Jason Taylor and his partner, Edyta Sliwinska, are in third place with the judges. They scored 24 for their cha cha and came back with triple 9s for their freestyle. Edyta even got Jason to do one thing he swore he wouldn't do in this competition: take off his shirt.

"That was her idea," said Taylor.

"That was my idea," said Sliwnska.

"But I promised her a long time ago, if we get to the finals, I'll take it off," said Taylor. "But see, I didn't think I'd be here so I figured I'd get away with it. But now we're here and I had to hold up my promise. But I didn't wear rhinestones all season, so I'm proud."

Once America's vote is factored in, one couple gets a goodbye dance. The remaining two dance for the judges -- and the trophy.

The two-hour finale begins Tuesday night at 9 p.m.

Click here for a slideshow of the action in week 10, or roll your mouse over the Eyewitness News Story Window at the top of this page to watch video clips.


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