Video camera hidden in girls locker room

WESTLAKE VILLAGE A video camera was allegedly hidden in a girls locker room at Oaks Christian High School. Sheriff's officials determined the camera belonged to a maintenance worker, and they are now trying to determine what was recorded.

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On Sunday a school employee found the camera in a jacket. It was on a maintenance golf cart. Sheriff's deputies were called in and it was traced to an employee of the school. Officials say he admitted he hid the camera in the girls locker room.

"Of course it's disturbing on any level," said one parent.

The suspect, 39-year-old Hilario Medina, was arrested on Monday. The school says he is a worker hired by the maintenance contractor.

The school sent a letter to parents telling them what happened:

"The conduct alleged may be best described as a 'Peeping Tom' incident involving a video camera and the Girls' Locker Room. We are deeply saddened by the outrageous conduct that was perpetrated and the surreptitious invasion of our campus community," wrote Headmaster Jeffrey Woodcock.

"He's obviously probably gone by now," said student Conner Hall. "I doubt this kind of thing happens a lot, but it is probably not acceptable."

School officials say the video is short and of such poor quality officials can't indentify anyone. Parents we spoke with say they didn't know any of this -- and it has them very concerned.

"Upsetting, yeah, if that's the case. Again, I'd like to hear the whole story," said one parent.

"I think it's disgusting and really scary," said student Gabrielle Gonsalves. "The school is a safe place, but I guess there's little things like that that you don't know could be going on."

This is also being investigated by the District Attorney's Office to determine if there were other incidents.


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