Memorial Day BBQ pricier than last year

LOS ANGELES It is an American tradition that is very difficult to pass up -- the outdoor barbecue. And no matter if it's cooking at the beach or in the backyard, it just seems to make the food taste a whole lot better.

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"The prices are just really outrageous, and I don't see any ending to it, but what are we going to do? You have to eat," one grocery shopper told Eyewitness News.

Food inflation is the highest it's been in almost 20 years. Compare what it's going to cost you for some of your favorite fixings this year over last.

  • Buns for your burgers are up nearly 17 percent to a $1.69
  • Tomatoes grew 8.6 percent to a $1.70 a pound
  • Lettuce is sprouting a cost of .99 cents, up 9.1 percent
  • A bag of chips is a real cruncher at $3.89 cents, up nearly 12 percent
  • Propane gas is $2.69 for just a 16 ounce cartridge

A surge in prices like this has some families working together to keep the fire lit.

"We have a big family -- they all kind of pitch in and do their thing, bring meat," said Juanita Ditrick, who likes to barbecue.

And then there are those hardcore grillers who can rationalize that barbecuing still makes financial sense. "It's expensive but it's a lot cheaper than eating out," said Myrt Wildason, who likes to barbecue.

And not only that, the very same items that are going up in price are also on sale this week. So now is a good time to stock up.


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