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LOS ANGELES Cathy Vaucher loves fresh-cut flowers, and she's cut a lot of flowers over the years.

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"I find it's very uplifting," said Cathy. "I pick flowers for my home from my own garden during the summer months, and I cut them and bring them in probably on a three-to-four-day basis."

But even flower lovers can get frustrated when the bloom goes off the rose too soon. It doesn't have to be that way.

"A cut flower can definitely continue blooming," said Kurt Schroeder from the Society of American Florists. "You should expect a bouquet of cut flowers to last seven days - a week - in your home."

You can keep the mojo in your marigolds longer with a few simple tricks. First, get cut stems out of the heat and into water as soon as possible. Don't leave your bouquet on a kitchen counter or in a hot car.

What's next? Schroeder says it's just three words: "Clean, clean and clean."

Cleaning means everything. Wash your vase thoroughly. Clean dirt and debris from flower stems, and make a fresh cut at the bottom. Remember to remove lower leaves before placing in water.

"Leave the rest of the foliage on. That actually helps to take up the water into the flower head, and acts as a beautiful natural filler," said Schroeder.

Finally, measure and use flower food. Read the directions to make sure your flowers are getting as much of the nutrients as they need.

All that's left is to sit back and enjoy.

"It's very cheery. The fragrance is always very nice to have. It's very pleasing," said Cathy.

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