Find the best swimsuit for your body type

But there's no need to cover up at the pool or beach this summer, we'll show you the best swimsuits to flatter your body type.

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"Just like clothes shopping, you need to find what looks good on you, stick with that, let the activity kind of dictate where you're going with your bathing suit," said Suzi Grugrich.

Eyewitness News hooked up with stylist Suzi Grugrich at Diane's Beachwear to check out some of this season's trends, like floral swimsuits and a 40s inspired look by Juicy.

"For any woman that's older, in her 40s, 50s, post baby, has a little bit of a stomach problem, the ruching in this suit is fantastic. It creates the illusion the stomach isn't there," said Grugrich.

Some women are square in the hips and waist.

"They have that typical boy figure. And the monokini, again, is a huge trend this season. You're going to be seeing it everywhere," said Grugrich.

If you have a square body type, Grugrich says the right monokini can create the illusion of curves.

So what do you do if you have curves?

"You need to not get a suit that sits too high, that's too tight. A lot of women do that. It creates the love handle. You want to find a suit that does sit a little low, elongates the stomach for you," said Grugrich.

The boy shorts are for those wanting a little boost.

"A bright, bold statement on the bottom with just a plain black top. That way, we're gravitated towards down below," said Grugrich.

Grugrich says a bright, bold color or pattern on the bottom can make your backside look a little bigger.

And some women need more support on top.

"You really want to look for a halter with thicker straps. When the straps become too thin, they tend to bog you down," said Grugrich.

For the ultimate swimsuit illusion, pair your suit with wedges.

"If you're on the beach, if you're running around by the pool, throw on a wedge it's going to make your legs look much longer and leaner," said Grugrich.


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