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REDONDO BEACH, Calif. She's a single mom with a son in college, no financial aid, no health insurance and a big bill for prescription drugs. She found a calling in the wake of 9/11, working with first responders and volunteers in disaster preparedness.

It's getting tougher to make ends meet these days, and ABC7 On Your Side is a campaign to help you save money. Watch Eyewitness News for money-saving tips and freebies to help stretch your dollar.

But how do you fend off a personal financial catastrophe? Lisa Burke's first moneymaking move was to turn her desire to help people into multiple businesses. Besides training in survival, she assembles survival kits, buying small items in bulk and then selling the bags online for a profit.

She didn't stop there. With paint and glue, she became an expert in creating fake injuries, which are critical for disaster simulations. Now Burke plans and stages drills.

Not your skill set? Burke shows us two other ventures anyone can do. On, researchers seek subjects for their surveys or studies.

"Some of the studies pay as little as $10, some as much as $5,000. I would say I make an extra $5,000 to $7,000 a year just off these studies," said Burke.

You find the list by clicking on "Jobs," hit the drop down arrow to "Etc.," and then "Search."

Video games have to be tested -- a perfect job for Burke's son, or any teenager. He got $200 and the game.

Another find online was searching on Google for the word "closeouts." Some searches turned up items for her survival kits. Occasionally, electronics stores will sell more valuable items. Burke has made $500 by reselling a pallet load at flea markets and online.

The key, says Burke, is to specialize in a field you really enjoy and explore your creativity.


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