ABC7 On Your Side: Save on water

LOS ANGELES How is that possible? Smart controllers use your computer and Internet hookup to turn your sprinklers on and off based on local weather conditions soaked up from the U.S. Weather Service.

It's getting tougher to make ends meet these days, and ABC7 On Your Side is a campaign to help you save money. Watch Eyewitness News for money-saving tips and freebies to help stretch your dollar.

Precision sprinklers that mimic rainfall save about 500 gallons a month. Keep the grass longer and it will require less water.

Inside the house, a dual-flush toilet will keep 200 gallons a month from going into the sewer.

Using a dishwasher only when it's full - and the same with your washing machine - will avoid another 800 gallons a month going down the drain.

Finally, the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont is the perfect place to get ideas for re-landscaping your yard with drought-tolerant, native California plants.


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