L.A. teachers unite in protest of cuts

NORTH HOLLYWOOD From North Hollywood to the Westside and throughout the district teachers hit the streets in protest for the first hour of school Friday morning.

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Teachers are upset and are protesting over the imminent budget cuts from Sacramento. This means there will be a shortfall of just over $350 million to the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Parents joined teachers protesting Friday, because they too are concerned that the budget cuts will affect their child's education.

"This is the worst time for these kind of things to be happening. We need more teachers and more schooling, instead of getting rid of teachers," said parent Domingo Munoz.

"I love the teachers. They do a lot of work for our community and all across America. We need to make sure that they stay in school," said parent Diana Munoz.

The school district encouraged parents to send their children to school. Some of the older kids joined the teachers on the streets.

"Our teachers need a raise. They need to get paid for what they do because they are so good at it. We need to support them," said student Ashley Sherenso.

According to the district the $350 million shortfall means programs will be cut and there could be layoffs.

The head of the teachers union hinted this may not be the last.

"What you see today is a fire that we are starting and that fire will continue. This governor needs to pay attention to the teachers, parents and the students who are standing together today to say, 'No budget cuts,'" said United Teachers Los Angeles president A.J. Duffy.

The teachers' slogan Friday was loud and clear: one hour's pay for the kids of L.A. When the hour was up and the bell sounded teachers and students went to class.


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