Cypress doctor arrested in gas rage case

CYPRESS Gas prices are high, and so were tensions at one Costco gas stations, where the lines are about five or six cars deep per pump.

A La Palma doctor said he got in an argument with a man who refused to wait his turn in line, leading to a confrontation with a crowbar.

Not by someone big and burly, but by 5 feet, 4 inches tall, family practice doctor Antonio Reyes. Reyes said he had been waiting in line when he was cut off.

"I told him, 'Sir, you should not do this, please go back to your line. This is very impolite,' Everybody's looking at him," Reyes said to Eyewitness News.

But he said the other driver threatened him.

"His window was open. He grabbed my neck and he told me the F-word, and he showed me his middle finger in my face. And he said, 'You have to go back to your car or else I'll kill you,'" Reyes said.

Reyes said he then retrieved his crowbar for protection, but the other driver rolled up his window, called police and told authorities his version of events.

"As the victim explains, held this crowbar up in a manner that he felt threatened. The victim is still locked in his vehicle and is explaining that the suspect has been pulling on the door handle, trying to make entry or get him to come out," said Officer Paulo Morales of the Cypress Police Department.

Police arrested Reyes and charged him for a misdemeanor crime of brandishing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner. The other driver was not arrested.

They said this was the first incident of its type.

Eyewitness News Reporters Leanne Suter and Leslie Miller contributed to this report.


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