Search continues for 80-year-old man

RIVERSIDE Edward Andrews has not been seen in more than two weeks, but his bank account has seen a lot of activity lately, according to police.

Last week, a suspect used Andrews' ATM card to withdraw money. Police said so far, more than $92,000 has been taken out of his account.

Most recently the suspect and a possible accomplice were spotted at a Walmart in Lake Forest.

Police say that the two are seen on surveillance video looking at a bulletin board as they walk in, possibly to see if their "wanted" posters are hanging.

They then are seen walking down one of the main aisles where they ask for assistance from a store employee in the electronics section. They then pick out a big screen TV.

Police say that they paid for the television with the Andrews' ATM card. They showed their receipt at the door and got away with a brand new high-def television.

"They're using these credit cards to buy kind of like home furnishings stuff -- big screen TVs, higher-end electronics, stuff like that," said said Jerry Franchville from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

The two were also spotted at a Target store, again using the ATM card to buy merchandise.

Authorities say that right now there is no evidence that a crime is taking place, but they are very worried about Edward Andrews whereabouts since May.

"It appears that Mr. Andrews was a man who lived by himself, and he was pretty lonely. He was just out there looking for companionship, and in this case, it seems like it's unfortunate that these guys found Mr. Andrews, made friends with him, and from what we gather so far, it looks like they're taking advantage of him," Franchville said.

Police believe the suspects may have been penpals with Andrews.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Riverside Sheriff's Department at (951) 791-3717.


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