Low diesel-gas price brings motorists

FULLERTON One Orange County gas station is drawing customers from as far away as L.A. because of how much it charges for diesel.

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From the biggest to the smallest, vehicles are lining up at a service station on the corner of Commonwealth Ave. and Raymond Ave. in Fullerton.

"Forty cents cheaper than anywhere else," said customer Nathan Rocha. "And over 35 gallons, which is what this holds, that's a big savings."

"I have people drive from L.A., Ontario, Riverside -- I'm talking to people every day that come from all over," said Camille Awad, the owner of the gas station.

At a time when most gas prices are going up, Awad is keeping his diesel prices down. At $4.73 per gallon, it's about 30 to 40 cents less per gallon than most stations are selling it for.

Camille says he's not making any profit of his diesel sales, but obviously it's not hurting business. That's because the service station still offers service. And that's why Awad's discount diesel is not costing him money.

"When they get their fuel, cheaper by 50 cents than anybody else, they figure they will contribute and return to me by allowing me to service their cars," said Awad. "And that's how it works."

"I think it's awesome," said another customer. "It's definitely appreciated these days."

Wilma Davenport came in with her beloved 1982 diesel-fueled Volkswagen Rabbit. "I get a lot of mileage off of her. I usually fill the tank, and I get over 200-some miles before I even put another gallon in," said Davenport. "She's a beauty."


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