Flushing sinuses to alleviate snoring

LOS ANGELES Tape on the nose may look a little silly, but chronic snorer Paul Davis has tried everything to get a better night's rest.

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"Well, I was having both the snoring and I was having sinus infections all the time," said Paul Davis.

Snoring ruined his sleep and drove his family crazy.

"It can really ruin a relationship," said Dr. Murray Grossan, ear, nose and throat specialist.

So Dr. Grossan created the "Hydro Pulse," a high-tech nasal rinsing system. Dr. Grossan says flushing salt water into the nose at a certain rate and pressure helps rid the nose of bacteria-causing infections.

"The cilia -- these little microscopic hairs -- don't move the bacteria out and so the bacteria get married and have a family, and that's bad," said Dr. Grossan.

To reduce inflammation and congestion, allergy-sufferer Marlin Prager stands over a sink and puts the irrigator in his nostril.

"At first when you do it it's a little uncomfortable, but after you do it for a while it's like second nature," said Prager.

The Hydro Pulse costs $97. Saline mixes and nasal gels are extra.

Allergists Eyewitness News spoke to said that while sinus rinses do work, there are no peer-reviewed studies that prove the Hydro Pulse is more effective than other nasal rinses for snorers or allergy sufferers.

Cleaning out your nose is just one way to reduce the problem, but there are many other reasons why people snore. It could be sleep position, tongue position, even the shape of your nose.

"So we take a strip of tape, put it under here and over the nose, and that really helps you sleep at night," said Dr. Grossan.

Dr. Grossan also recommends sewing a tennis ball into the back of a T-shirt to keep snorers on their side.

A humid sleeping environment will help, too. But instead of a humidifier, which is hard to keep clean, he tells patients to keep aluminum pans of water in their bedroom.

All these recommendation may help you get some zees ... even if you're left with a little wheeze.

"I still snore a little but nobody's complaining," said Paul Davis.


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