Officials slam SF for illegal dumping

YUCAIPA Eight illegal immigrants, reportedly young convicted cocaine dealers, were placed in a Yucaipa home by San Francisco officials.

The illegals walked away, seven are still at large. San Bernardino County officials learned of the situation in the media. Needless to say they are angry.

"In 1989 San Francisco was declared a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants. This dangerous practice not only puts the public at risk, but cost a lot of money that law enforcement could put to better use," said San Bernardino County Supervisor Gary Ovitt.

Officials in San Francisco failed to comply with state law.

"There is a code and it requires that the chief probation officer of the placing county notify the chief officer of the county that the offender is being placed in at the time or before the placement occurs," said Michelle Scray, Assistant Chief Probation Officer.

That law was ignored.

"The county of San Bernardino is exploring the option of recouping all law enforcement and probation cost from the city of San Francisco, suing them if necessary," said Ovitt.

San Bernardino District Attorney Michael Ramos will pursue that action.

"They are dumping these people without telling us, who, what, when and where. We do not know what these people are doing, unless we have discovered that since then," said Ramos.

Officials in San Francisco admitted the wrongdoing up and they reportedly changed their policy and will not continue to dump illegals in other counties.

The sheriff is hampered in finding the walkaways. They have no names, no photos and no actual date they walked away from the Silverlakes Douglas House in Yucaipa.


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