Record attempt: Sit in all Rose Bowl seats

PASADENA Stand high in the Rose Bowl this time of year and most people will simply see an empty stadium. But one guy sees seats.

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"Ninety-two-thousand-five-hundred and 42 seats," said Jim Mouth.

Not that Jim Mouth is counting -- well, he is counting. Jim Mouth wants to set a Guinness world record for:

"The most seats sat on in 48 hours," said Mouth.

Yep. That's a brand new category, and Mouth wants to make it his. So for the next two days, he'll be doing sitting down and standing up, and sitting down and standing up ... at the rate of more than 1,200 seats an hour.

"I'm averaging probably about 30,000 in 24 hours," said Mouth.

In case you wondered, Mouth has a lot of time to do the math. More time than you may think. Because when his two-day Guinness period ends, Mouth is going to keep on going.

The folks at Ripley's Believe It or Not are sponsoring him to sit in every seat here.

Now these Ripley guys are no slouches. In order for the record to become official, everything has to be documented. They have to have witnesses signing affidavits. But when it comes to the seats, they quite literally are not going to let Mouth "slide" on that.

"They have to have backs, according to Guinness," said Mouth. "They don't have to have armrests. You have to sit somewhat upright in the seat, and you can't be always hunching, you can't be just skidding along."

Nope. No skidding here. Just plenty of plopping.

And this won't be the first time Mouth plops down into the record books.

"I have the world record for the most cigarettes which is 160 cigarettes in my mouth; most straws: 290; most French fries: 185 French fries," said Mouth.

Hence the name "Mouth." But it's the other end he's using here, for a good cause, raising money for the Outward Bound charity. But for now he'll be downward bound.

Speeding along to find the best seat in the house. And when Mouth sits around the house ... He sits "around the house."


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