ABC7 On Your Side: Carry-on bags

ABC7 is on your side, helping you to make the most of your getaway. Here's how you can pack everything you need in a carry on so you don't have to pay the extra price.

"I think a lot of people panic, they get anxious and they think, 'What am I going to pack?' and the end up throwing in their whole closet," said Sally Bartz from Halsea in Beverly Hills. "So, what I like to do is do 'big picture' packing."

Start by packing in pairs. Bartz packed jeans, two pairs of shorts, two blouses, and two dresses that can work for both day and night depending on how you accessorize them. Bartz also suggests choosing a general color scheme so you can mix and match.

When it comes to the little things, divide toiletries and cosmetics into a couple of small bags. Use a dry bag for items like a toothbrush, solid perfume, keys and camera; and a quart-size clear liquid bag for your 3-ounce containers including sunscreen and lotion.

Keep your liquid bag in a tote bag, so when you go through security it is easily accessible. Since your tote will serve as your personal item, make up for it with a clutch purse or a good-looking wallet.

A cashmere throw will also serve double duty on your trip. You can use it as a wrap when you get to your destination and to keep you warm on your flight.

Make more room by packing bulky items in a compression bag.

"You push the air out, it has little compression vents," said Bartz. "You can zip it and fit it into your carry-on."

Need more room for the souvenirs you plan to buy?

"Sometimes I'll stick a mailing envelope, like a big mailing envelope, in the bottom of my bag and then I can mail home my dirty laundry so I have room for my new goodies," said Bartz.

Imagine not having to lug a heavy suitcase around once you've arrived.

"Packing smarter," said Bartz. "Thinking twice, packing once, so that you can truly pack more lightly."

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