Satisfying bites for less than 75 calories

If you're not paying attention to your snack habits, it's easy to eat far more calories than you need.

With warmer temperatures, there's no better time to enjoy light and refreshing snacks that take little time to make. Here are seven that might do the trick.

A little produce with protein is just what your waistline is asking for. Try two blanched asparagus spears wrapped in an ounce of prosciutto for a mere 58 calories.

Smoked salmon canapé served on crisp cucumber and topped with snow peas is another low-cal snack. Have two for 71 calories.

How about two bruschetta bites? Try bruschetta with a bit of mozzarella on whole-wheat crackers for only 54 calories.

Seven large shrimp dipped in two tablespoons of cocktail sauce is just 71 calories.

Three whole-grain tortillas with one ounce of guacamole are just 69 calories. They're satisfying for those who need something with crunch.

At work, how about a mess-free snack like Whole Foods Hullaballoo mix or other fruit/nut/seed "gorp." Two tablespoons equals 61 calories.

Finally, when looking for something warm and filling, try a petite chicken taco from Trader Joe's. One taco is just 42 satisfying calories.

If you find that you need a bit more food to tide you over, you can eat twice as much of any of these and still not exceed 150 calories. That's the magic number the experts have deemed is the perfect amount of calories for a snack without breaking your calorie bank.


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