New Nissan holds serious horsepower

The new GT-R is a high-tech twin-turbo V6 designed for ultimate performance. It offers computer-controlled adjustments for just about everything.

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There have been versions of this car in the past, but they were only available in Japan. Now Americans are able to enjoy the car's storied performance.

The GT-R is also the star of the video game "Gran Turismo 5." Just based on the response of gamers alone, the car is already a hit.

When the GT-R is talked about, a lot of numbers come up: 480 horsepower from only six cylinders, thanks to help from two turbo-chargers. It puts that power through full-wheel drive into a set of 20-inch wheels and tires. That gives it a zero-to-60 mph time of about 3.5 seconds.

Nissan will only build about 1,500 for the U.S. this year at a price of about $70,000 or more.

Because there are so few being built, and due to lots of buzz about the car, getting one at sticker price may be a challenge. A GT-R advertised on the Auto Trader Web site has an asking price of $107,000.

For the few who will be able to put the new GT-R in their garages, race-track thrills are what this car was meant for.

And for those who don't have the means for the real car, there's always the virtual version for your gaming console.


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