Merchants offer discounts for gas receipts

POMONA Prices at the pump continue to go up, and we're told there's little consumers can do but grin and bear it.

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John Hong operates a dry-cleaning store in Pomona. He's come up with a promotion to help ease the gas-price pain for his customers.

"Corporate came out with bring your gas receipt in and get some discount. It's practically new, but a lot of people are talking about it," said Hong. "Now we're trying to work together with other merchants, and it's been fantastic right now."

Customers like the idea.

"Well I think that's great with the prices of gas right now," said customer Lety Casas.

Customer Diana Lopez agrees. She's going to be saving her pump receipts. "I am going to go ahead and keep my receipts from now on," said Lopez.

That's how word of a good idea gets around.

A few other businesses in this Pomona center have joined in the gas-receipt promotion.

"It seems to be working out good because people are starting to come into the center more this summer, and hopefully with promotions like the gas promotion, along with a couple of other things we're doing -- we're going to have a little fair on August 2nd, and we're going to try to bring more people into the center," said business owner Victor Casas.

There are some restrictions. The offer is valid through Labor Day. This special discount program is slowly catching on. Small-business owners in Pomona hope to gain new customers, and at the same time, help those customers deal with the high price of gasoline. It's one of those "win-win" deals.


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