ABC7 Exclusive: Family plea to sword slayer

Lucy Preciado's family held on to her pictures, in hopes her alleged killer, Jesus Canales, would turn himself in to authorities. Preciado's mother called Canales "Chuy," and had an important message for him.

"Chuy, if you're out there, please turn yourself in Chuy. OK, you know what you did. Lucy's in peace, yeah. But, what about those kids Chuy? Where are those kids at right now because of you, Chuy ... You!" said Mary Preciado, Lucy's mother.

According to authorities, Canales stabbed Preciado with a sword in front of their three sons and Preciado's 9-year-old daughter, Marina, mid-July. Marina called 911 before her mother died.

"I'm pretty sure she's going to be traumatized for the rest of her life, you know. So, right now, she needs her family. And right now, all the family is being with her," said Michael Avala, Preciado's brother.

Two days after Lucy was killed, authorities found Canales' van. However, Canales is still yet to be found. The Preciado family hopes that if any family members of Canales know where he is, that they will speak up as well.

"I know that he can't be doing all of this by himself. Nobody evades the police for that long. Nobody. Just help us. If nothing else, do it for the kids," said Irene Quezada, Preciado's cousin.

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Eyewitness News reporter Leo Stallworth contributed to this report.


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