Stay away from jalapenos, says the FDA

At first, officials thought tomatoes were the culprit for the salmonella outbreak. Officials now say they found the same salmonella strain in a Mexican-grown jalapeno in a Texas plant.

The FDA is urging people not to eat jalapeno peppers and to stay away from fresh salsa.

Shoppers at El Mambi market admit they are a bit frustrated with the new report.

"It makes a lot of the customers nervous because first they hear it in the news, so, the first thing they do is they come in here and ask, you know, is this OK?" said Julio Jimenez, El Mambi Market.

The FDA believes the jalapeno discovery is a big break in the case, but it doesn't mean Mexican jalapenos are the problem.

In addition, while tomatoes have been deemed safe to eat, tomatoes sold earlier this year may still have been tainted.

"You kind of get scared. You don't want to get sick. Same with chicken ... If you have chicken, you want to make sure it is cooked well. So, as for the jalapenos, I won't be eating jalapenos for a while until I hear that it's all clear," said Danny Nunez, El Mambi Market shopper.

Locally grown jalapenos are not necessarily in question, however, until officials have a definitive answer, consumers should avoid the peppers altogether.


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