ABC7 On Your Side: 'Staycation'

LOS ANGELES "There's so much to do here," said Elizabeth Borsting. "People come here to do what we can just do everyday, so we're very fortunate in that situation."

This summer, many Southern Californians are opting for the "staycation."

"It's staying here and taking a vacation in your hometown, so to speak," said Borsting.

Elizabeth Borsting, author of "Open Road's Best of Southern California," offers several itineraries, from one great day to one- and two-week trips around the Southland.

"If you want to do it for a weekend, maybe check into the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, tool around in that area, you can do that," said Borsting. "Or if you want to plan a week. And you don't necessarily have to check into a hotel. You can just take it day by day because you live here already."

When your backyard is already paradise, ordering in and entertaining a few friends can be a small splurge. You can even complete the resort feel with butler and mobile spa services.

"We're doing Hawaiian experience services, where if you don't want to go to Hawaii, we can bring Hawaii to you. And everything can be themed," said Anne Fisher.

Want a change of scenery?

"The Huntington Library near Pasadena, they have a wonderful Chinese garden that's rather new. That's a great option," said Borsting. "The Getty is a wonderful option. I mean, there's beautiful gardens. The artwork of course."

Spend little to no money.

"Most of L.A.'s museums have one day that they offer free admission, like the Museum of Latin American Art in downtown Long Beach," said Borsting. "Fridays are free."

Want romance?

"A night at the Hollywood Bowl, a bottle of wine, a little picnic," said Borsting. "What could be more romantic than that? You want to head down to Orange County? The Montage, which is a very exclusive, wonderful, waterfront property, maybe you don't want to stay there, but you can go in. The lobby is beautiful. And you can go in and have a drink, sit there and watch the sunset. Doesn't really cost you that much."

As you can see, it is possible to spend sensibly for a summer vacation.

"Yeah, I see a lot of people that are starting to stay home and enjoy what we have here, because we really do have a lot of options," said Borsting.


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