Dead baby found in Fontana trash bin

FONTANA, Calif. Fontana police say the dead baby was ditched in a Dumpster at an apartment complex on Lime Ave., near Sultana Ave. and Foothill Blvd. It was Sunday morning around 10:30. A woman digging through the Dumpster looking for cans made the discovery.

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"She found a black backpack and when she unzipped it she found a newborn baby inside, the baby was dead. We responded and started an investigation," said Fontana Police Dept. Sgt. Jeff Decker.

That's when they realized something like that has happened before. Back in 2006, a dead baby was found across the street. Police say the similarities are stunning.

"There are some similarities," said Sgt. Decker. "It appears race is the same, we believe it's possible that we'll find it's the same parent. We'd like the public's help in tracking down the parents of the newborn."

Police say what's tragic is that this should never have to happen. Especially twice by possibly the same person.

"There's a mechanism in place for anyone who has a baby and they don't want to keep it: They can take it to any police and fire station without any questions asked," said Sgt. Decker. "We will see to it that the child finds a safe home."

Police say they don't know if the child was a stillborn or if she was killed after birth. The autopsy was set for Tuesday. Detectives will have to wait until it's finished to determine whether they're dealing with a homicide.


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