Stay fit while you're on the road

And then there are the restaurants. But rather than say 'no can do' to nutritious food and exercise, see how you can stay fit on the fly.

"You actually don't have to lose your exercise program because you're traveling," said Amy Dixon from Equinox. "There's a lot of things you can do. You can bring your gym clothes with you number one. That's the first step. Second thing is you can pack some lightweight equipment such as an exercise band. You can also bring some gliding discs if you want."

Using them to strengthening muscles, get in a bit of cardio, and provide a great stretch while covering all the major muscle groups. Both tools are under $20. Dixon also recommends packing a jump rope as well.

"In about 10 minutes about a 130-pound woman can burn about 100 calories, so it's a really great cardio activity in a small space," said Dixon.

"I spend a lot of time in airports, at least five or six times a year," said traveler Elise Gulan.

Salsa to boot camp, most gyms offer classes from early morning to late at night, so Gulan checks out a variety of exercise classes at gyms and spas as part of her trip. Along with researching where she's going to eat before she gets there.

"I always go and look at the menus first, make sure there are some healthy options," said Gulan.

It also doesn't hurt to pack a snack. Whole grain cereal, nuts and fruit can keep you from giving in to temptation because you allowed yourself to get ravenous. On board dining can be almost nonexistent, so choose salads, smoothies, and whole grain and lean protein options to take on board.

"I try to really stay active while I'm at the airport too," said Gulan. "[I] try to choose stairs instead of elevators or moving escalators. I try to sometimes do bicep curls with my carry-on suitcase, things like that."

And of course, avoiding that moving walkway.

Fitness experts also recommend wearing workout type clothes on the plane, which allows you to move much more freely at the airport or when your flight is delayed.


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