Disaster prep expert offers supply tips

TORRANCE, Calif. "Right over here is where we have our disaster supplies," said earthquake preparations expert Herb Kahn. "And I've fulfilled enough to sustain the neighborhood as well. A full complement of food, water products, various types of food. This is a 'porta-potty' over here. Human waste is a big issue, as we saw in Katrina and other disasters.

"These trash barrels, each one is different. This one is personal items, and this is food, water, sanitation in here. This is a 45-gallon container, and of course it's on wheels, so I can take it anyplace in the neighborhood.

"Now here in the freezer, I keep our important documents in the freezer in pouched envelopes so that I know what I'm going for in each envelope. If there's a fire in this household, the freezer is the last thing that will burn.

"The newest innovation is a pouch that's fireproof that we just simply slip our papers in, put the flap over it, and the papers are protected from major fire.

"In my vehicle I carry supplies because I am a disaster responder. One of the things I do carry is this responder kit. It's a medical unit, and the beautiful part of it is you can see what you're going for every time," said earthquake preparation expert Herb Kahn.


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