Mountain lion kills 65-lb. La Canada dog

LA CANADA, Calif. If you have a family pet, this story may tug at the heartstrings. The family says it's been an emotional couple of days. They also say these kinds of attacks are more common as houses continue to encroach on wildlife habitat.

"He was my buddy," said La Canada resident Bob Brown. "Everywhere I went, he was there."

Bud Brown is struggling with the loss of his pet, a 65-pound Terrier mix part of the family for more than four years.

"The cat jumped up the retaining wall, which is about 5 feet high over there," said Brown.

Brown said his wife watched from the kitchen window as the large mountain lion attacked "Buddy."

"And the dog and the cat are looking face to face, my wife said," said Brown. "And she turned to look to grab something to throw at it, or to distract it, and she turned for just a few seconds, and when she came back, the cat already had the dog."

Brown caught a glimpse of the big cat as it dragged Buddy down the ravine that backs right up to their house.

"It's helpless," said Brown. "You see a situation, and you know there's nothing you can do."

And this isn't the first time the Browns have felt that sinking feeling. About four months ago, they lost another dog, a beagle named "Angie." Early one morning, she simply disappeared.

"We had absolutely no idea what happened," said Brown. "After last night, we're pretty sure now we know what happened."

The Browns say they are going to build a wrought iron fence around that retaining wall to protect the one dog that they still have, a dog they rescued from the shelter just a couple weeks ago. And they say though this has been very difficult, they do understand that their backyard is right in mountain lion territory.


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